The Blood of San Gennaro

  If you go to Naples – and please go to Naples – a city where life is lived on the streets and people are ready to smile and laugh at the smallest thing. The poor are rich. They have what really matters: family and community. And they are so open to anyone who obviously loves them and their beautiful city. And if you go, try and go during the Feast of San Gennaro which takes place in the cathedral of Naples. The cathedral houses a vial of the blood of Saint Januarius (San Gennaro), the city’s patron saint, which ..
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How it all started… and why this new blog?

Dear Friends, Welcome my new blog.  I’ve prepared an imaginary red carpet for your arrival! So – a quick explanation of ‘why a new blog?’   I started blogging over ten years ago. The first was a blog about dogs who spent their holidays in my house in the south of France whilst their owners went away. Not a boarding kennels, but a ‘pension familiale’ – a home-from-home for dogs. They  lived in my house, slept where they wanted, on the sofa, in my armchair and often my bed! Then, a year later I started Menton Daily Photo and Monte ..
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