Love and Father Christmas …

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Love and Father Christmas …

Dear Wonderful Friends,

Wishing you a Merry Christmas Day filled with love and good things amongst family and friends and your beloved animals, of course!  Thank you so much for your love and comments throughout the year on this blog,  on Facebook and on Instagram –  it has meant SO much to me.  With all the fear and negativity in the world, one of the things we can do is love our family, friends and animals and be loved back.   So have a wonderful day today. This is little ‘Indy’ posing for you.  I rather think she wants it over and done with so she can get back to her sunbathing.



I used not to like ‘dressed up dogs’ but now I absolutely know that some of them love it.  And take a look at Indy in the second photo – a dog being a dog!  This dog can fly!


Where are those damned reindeer!

What can I say?


Thank you so much to Indy and Helios (the models!) and their ‘Papa’ François. (photos taken at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and in Gorbio village)




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24 thoughts on - Love and Father Christmas …

  • Claire lloyd December 25, 2016Reply

    Fab Jilly and a very happy Christmas to you xx

    • Jilly December 25, 2016Reply

      Thank you Claire. Wishing you and Matthew and all those dogs and cats a very Happy Christmas too. So happy I met you – one very special lady xxx

  • Michèle December 25, 2016Reply

    Merry Christmas my dear Jilly and as you I don’t like dressed dogs but this one is really too cute !

    • Jilly December 25, 2016Reply

      Thank you so much Michele – and to you and your family. Well, we agree about dressed up dogs but when you see Indy having such fun rushing about we know he’s happy doing both. xxx

  • Laura December 25, 2016Reply

    From a cold, damp England, thank you dear Jilly, for the warmth, colour and love of the pics. May it be a happy day for you and Ours.

    • Jilly December 25, 2016Reply

      Laura, actually it’s a bit chilly and damp today but two days ago, that is how is was. Thanks for your good wishes and I send them back to you xxx

  • French Girl in Seattle December 25, 2016Reply

    Joyeux Noël dear Jilly! I will look back at 2016 as the year I returned to my beloved Nice and got to spend another great day in Gorbio catching up with you. I know this year was not all smooth sailing, but am so happy you came back strong in the fall with a fantastic trip to Naples, successful exhibits, and a brand-new website. I wish you many more happy moments in 2017, with friends surrounding you, including {cooperative} four-legged ones, good health, and a few delicious meals pushed down with chilled rosé wine. I will be looking forward to seeing you again as soon as I can make it happen. Gros bisous, Jilly. — Véro

    • Jilly December 25, 2016Reply

      You too, dear Véro – so loved the time we had together and looking forward to your next visit and eventually the time when you will be in Nice – forever! I know that will happen. The wine is chilling ready … And thanks for your kind words – yes, the latter part of the year has been a good one! Long may it wave!

  • Melinda December 25, 2016Reply

    Merry Christmas Jilly …… its the end of the day and its been around 100f …. super hot and we had a BBQ .
    Like you , I am not that keen on dogs dressed up and I know Coco will only have a hat on for a second and its flipped off ! LOL

    • Jilly December 25, 2016Reply

      Melinda, I remember those hot Christmases in Australia – seafood on the beach. So many happy memories. love to you, dear Melinda xxx

  • Candy December 25, 2016Reply

    What fun! And what a way to begin a Merry Christmas! Peace, Joy, Harmony, Love, and DOGS!

    • Jilly December 25, 2016Reply

      Thanks dear friend Candy. Happy Christmas to you xxx

  • Karen December 25, 2016Reply

    A beautiful way to begin Christmas morning. Thank you for the smiles, dear Jilly. All our best wishes to you today and always.

    • Jilly December 25, 2016Reply

      So happy it all made you smile. Many thanks as always – and Happy Christmas! xx

  • Petrea Burchard December 25, 2016Reply

    Joyeux Noël to you, Jilly! Your models (as always) are the best.

    • Jilly December 25, 2016Reply

      Yes! These two were sensational! Happy Christmas dear Petrea x

  • François December 25, 2016Reply

    Waouhhhhh bravo Jilly the Best photographer

    • Jilly December 25, 2016Reply

      François, my talented photographer friend – I loved the day we spent together – you and your dogs are a delight. Thank you so much.

      François, mon ami photographe talentueux – nous avons passé un super journée ensemble – toi et tes chiens sont un délice. Merci beaucoup. Bisous x

  • J. Christina December 25, 2016Reply

    Merry Christmas from the Midwest USA.
    Those dogs are just too cute!

    • Jilly December 26, 2016Reply

      Thank you J. Christina. Glad you like the little ones! Happy New Year!

  • Sigi December 25, 2016Reply

    Dear Jilly, these are gorgeous portraits of two happy dogs and they even seem to enjoy it. Love your pictures, your humour, your stories of humans and animals and those special moments you make your camera click!!! I am very grateful to be your friend and wish you a Merry Christmas with Ours and all the very best for the new year. Manfred and Sigi

    • Jilly December 26, 2016Reply

      Sigi, thank you so much for your kind words. You are always so encouraging to me and I so appreciate it. Well we plainly have a mutual admiration society going on here in terms of friendship. How LUCKY and grateful I am to have you and Manfred in my life – love you to bits. xxx

  • William Kendall December 27, 2016Reply

    Such cuties!

    • Jilly December 29, 2016Reply

      They are, William! Thanks for your comment x


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